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Thank you for visiting the WEST BEST Website. We believe the beauty of a home or commercial building starts at the curb before even walking inside. As more property owners recognize the value of improving such first impressions, there’s a growing interest in hardscaping with stone work. Treating the driveway as part of the landscaping is one of the hottest new design trends. An increasingly popular driveway design choice is also a practical one – Interlocking concrete pavers. As many designers have said, “the outdoor patio is the new living room.” Lately, the desire to improve curb appeal has also meant the creation of a distinctive driveway, walkway or entryway.

Many property owners consider pavers a more attractive and permanent solution than poured concrete or asphalt – an important investment in improving their curb appeal. Pavers are easier to maintain and last longer without needing to be repaired. The driveway and patio work also suggest how a home is maintained. Real estate experts says it’s easy to recoup the cost of a driveway and entryway upgrade. In fact it may be doubly recouped when you sell the house. Concrete pavers enhance the value of your property with long lasting beauty and elegance.